Levels of Hospice Care

We offer four levels of care based on the needs of our patients and their families.

Inpatient Care
Inpatient care is provided when your loved one has a medical need that cannot be managed in their own home, wherever that may be. Care is provided in a specific contracted hospital where they will receive around the clock medical care until symptoms are under control. 

Routine Care
With routine home care, Miller Hospice will assist our patients at their homes. An assortment of medical, spiritual, and social work professionals will provide compassionate and quality care. Miller Hospice provides assistance with: pain management, skilled nursing care, symptom management, and activities of daily living.

Most patients are able to benefit from our routine home care whether their home is a house or a long term care facility such as a nursing home. If your loved one is living in a nursing home, our care will be in addition to the normal care provided by the facility. This is covered under a separate Medicare benefit and is coordinated with the nursing home, our hospice, and in accordance with the patient and your family’s needs.
Continuous Care
​Continuous Care is offered when your loved one’s medical needs require constant monitoring. Nurses and staff provide care in continuous shifts of up to 24 hours or until symptoms are under control.
Respite Care
Respite care provides brief, needed breaks to family and caregivers. We team with several nursing homes in the area that will house your loved one for up to five days according to Medicare guidelines. Contact us for more information.

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