Who will be involved?

Our team at Miller Hospice will provide medical care as well as emotional
and spiritual care through the following professionals and other staff:
For the names of individuals and their contact information, see our staff page.
Hospice Physician 
Our physicians are trained in the care and comfort of terminally ill patients and will help develop individualized plans of care.  They will also work in cooperation with the patient's personal physician.
​Registered Nurse​
Our nurses make regular visits to all of our patients to monitor their condition and provide care and comfort as well as administering and ordering medication and other medical supplies.
Social worker
Our social workers provide emotional support along with providing your family with financial and community resources.
Hospice Aide
Our hospice aides assist your loved one with their personal care and hygiene. 
​Our chaplain offers spiritual and emotional support to both you and your loved one.
Community Volunteer
Our volunteers dedicate time to spend with patients upon request. Volunteers may read or do simple crafts with your loved one or just sit and talk with them. The time they spend with the patients helps provide emotional support and compainship to them and their families.
​Bereavement Specialist
Our bereavement specialist offers both individualized grief support to your family and holds support group meetings throughout the year. Our bereavement specialists provide support and helps the family deal with the loss of a loved one. We are available 24/7.
Important Questions