About Us

Miller Hospice is a non-profit care provider that is committed to caring for
the body, mind, and spirit of each individual along with his or her family.

We are a service of the Tulsa Jewish Retirement and Healthcare Center. As
such, our hospice patients receive full access to the extensive services and
benefits of the Tulsa Jewish Health System.

Our highly qualified staff will help you navigate this journey of adjustment
and uncertainty while providing the highest quality of care possible.  
Important Questions
Although we pride ourselves on following Jewish holidays,
traditions, and dietary needs, Miller Hospice welcomes all denominations, nationalities,
races, and creeds.

Our Mission Statement

To provide quality care first and foremost to those entrusted to us who are
in the final stages of life. Through efficient, dignified, and knowledge based
care, we will have an effective outcome for the individuals, families, and
caregivers we are blessed to serve. This mission provides a reward that
cannot be measured and places pride within each employee, manager,
director, and board member who is associated with this company.